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Gulabjamun Pudding


4-5Pc- HaldiramsGulabjamun or Mini gulabjamun

1 pc- HaldiramsBoondiLaddoo

2 Tb Spoon- Laccharabdi

4-5pc- Crushed and roasted almonds

1/2 cup- Normal rabdi

25gms- Fresh cream

25gms- Milk maid



1)      Mix crushedHaldiramsGulabjamun, crushedHaldiramsBoondiladdoo, crushed almonds and laccharabdi in one bowl.

2)       In another bowl, mix Fresh cream, milkmaid and Normal rabdi and stir properly.

3)       Now pour the milkmaid cream and rabdi batter in gulabjamun bowl.

4)       Sprinkle crushed almonds on the top.

5)       Grease the bowl and keep this batter in microwave bowl .

6)       Heat the bowl in microwave in 50-60 degree for 5-10 mins.

7)       Take out and serve.

8)       Serves: 2-3 people.