Winter’s day, high-tea and a plate of Haldiram’s; to say you are hungry is understating.

When you think of winter, what comes foremost in your thoughts – the cold, yes, of course; what else? Food. When you think ‘food’ you think ‘snacks’, and snacks means eating them any time, on time, and even at ungodly midnight hours, watching your favourite TV show. Think of going to any big or small grocery shop, the obvious choice for any snack is Haldiram’s. Delicious snacks with a hint of tangy taste, helping yourself fistful after fistful, savouring its delicious taste; this is Haldiram’s for you.

Winter is the time you snack heavily and eat heavily. You burn food much faster with a better-working metabolism. You never say no to extra helpings of samosas, pakoras, or the Punjabi Tadka sev prepared using nutritive, protein-rich gram flour, and a fistful of tasty Haldiram’s bhujia. Who needs spoons?

Taste matters, which is exactly why you indulge in snacking. So does health.

Snacking healthy

There are times when you’re so engrossed in work, it’s hard to take time out and go to the cafeteria for lunch. Remember the times when you just don’t feel like eating the heavy lunch of chapatis, rice and gravies. Try snacking, if eating light is on your mind. Keep that pack of Haldiram’s snacks handy. Have you tried Haldiram’s roasted peanuts? There’s phenomenal benefit to eating properly processed peanuts or groundnuts. They are rich in protein and fibre. A great supplement if you have had a light lunch and want more.

It comes in two great flavours: classic salted Haldiram’s peanuts, if you want to go easy on the spice, and spicy roasted peanuts coated with chickpea flour and spice, a classic in the Haldiram’s range of products, which boosts your digestion.

Whether it is the indulgence of Kolkata rasogullas or the Bikaneri Soan papdi, the spicy samosas or the amazing variety of mixtures; Haldiram’s range of snacks and sweets are perfect for the winter cravings. Keep your favourite ones handy and rejoice snacking.